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Our History

Oasis Church of The Way was birthed out of prophecy, prayer, and obedience.

From March 2016 to September 2017, God was gracious enough to begin pouring ideas and desires for Oasis into the heart of Pastor Rafer and his wife, Jenny. With much prayer and fasting, they began to meet with close friends and began to share what God was placing on their hearts. As dreams and visions were shared, God continued to confirm the vision in Rafer and Jenny’s hearts in the hearts of others.


On September 10, 2017, with 100 free chairs that were gifted to the church, Oasis Church of The Way held its first church service at Hillcrest Park. After meeting in the park for 2 weeks, we moved to the Windy Plains Community Center where God allowed us to hold services rent free for two whole months.


As we began to stand on our feet and solidify our core group of believers, we moved into the Mission at Traci’s Greenhouse on December 10, 2017. Since being at the Mission, we’ve been able to focus more of our time on lives being transformed and taking care of those in our church and community. And here we are today, following God’s lead and being obedient to His voice and direction.

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